Web-service for work
with advertising platforms

Technical Ad Account Support
Effortless Balance Management
Fast & Convenient Replenishment
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Terms and prices

Comission from 4%
Cashback No
Minimum payment 1000$
Replenishment methods: bank transfer, crypto ERC20, card, paypal, scrill
Payment Forms: Prepayment / Postpayment
Comission from 2%
Cashback Yes
Minimum payment 1000$
Replenishment methods: bank transfer, crypto ERC20, card, paypal, scrill
Payment Forms: Prepayment / Postpayment
Comission from 3%
Cashback No
Minimum payment 1000$
Replenishment methods: bank transfer, crypto ERC20, card, paypal, scrill
Payment Forms: Prepayment / Postpayment

Solutions for business development

Eagle Bundle

Measure your performance without the limitations of advertising platforms. Get access to Digital Eagle’s adapted experience from plethora of ad channels.

Eagle Boost

Scale the successful results of your advertising campaigns with sufficient funding from Digital Eagle

Eagle Privilege Card

Service is coming soon. Can`t wait? Use the early bird registration.

Why Eagle?

Analyze aggregated experience from the whole bundle of existing advertisement channel across the world.
Get early access to emerging opportunities of Beta-versions, new tools’ testing with main global ad technology platforms.
Scale your advertisement successes with Digital Eagle sufficient funding.
Eagles are experienced and trusted partner on Sigma’s way to spend with the Meta and Google Ad platforms. Thanks to competent project planning, we achieved the most effective results with our partners.
Antony Bash
As a Leading PPC Specialist of N1 Partners I would like to thank Digital Eagle for being our core marketing business partner. From the very launch of the app in we've been enjoying in-depth client-oriented approach. All my requests for funding marketing expenses across major advertisement networks (FB, Google, Bing) have been met in a timely and professional manner. For more than a year already Digital Eagle is our reliable partner supporting the growth of the N1 Partners. We value your partnership and are grateful for it.
Alexandrina Alebovich
Leading PPC Specialist
Hey, I'm a CEO of Mobile Apps Publishing Company which operates a portfolio of products across multiple Advertising Networks like Meta, Google, TikTok etc. Since 2021 we work with Digital Eagle on day-to-day basis. They are our trusted partner in all matters of marketing infrastructure and spending across all UA channels. They are exceptional professionals, they are lightning-fast in operations and they've got us covered in terms of relations with all ad.networks. Thank you so much for support of our growth.
Vladimir Savchak
Savva Inc
As the CFO of Ad2lynx, I would like to express my gratitude to Digital Eagle for their exceptional services as our primary marketing business partner. Since the program's launch, Digital Eagle has demonstrated a deep customer-centric approach and has helped us build a strong reputation in the finance industry. I am impressed with how promptly and professionally Digital Eagle has handled all of our requests for funding marketing spend on major ad networks like Facebook, Google, and TikTok. For over a year, Digital Eagle has been a dependable partner who has supported our company's growth, provided us with convenient financial tools, and has always been open to dialogue at all levels of our company's management.
Serhii Romanchuk
I'd like to thank Digital Eagle for their solid partnership with us at Appvillis. Their swift responses, efficient balance top-ups, and insightful advice have been crucial for our ad campaigns on networks like Facebook, TikTok etc. Their consistent, client-centered approach has provided a stable foundation that allows us to approach our marketing campaigns with assurance.
Eugene Pankratov
Lead UA at Appvillis
As a Director of NAS Digital, I would like to say many thanks to the team of Digital Eagle to be our reliable and trusted partner in the world of marketing and advertising. They always meet halfway and offer the best solutions. Special thanks to the accounting team. The guys are real professionals! I look forward to our future partnership.
Nikita Vladimirov
Director of NAS Digital
Hello, I'm the Chief Executive Officer of Wild Digital Agency. We have been collaborating with Digital Eagle since the beginning of 2023. Throughout our partnership, Digital Eagle has proven to be an impeccable partner with a high level of professionalism. They are our reliable ally in all aspects of marketing infrastructure and expenditure across all User Acquisition channels. The team comprises outstanding professionals, exhibiting remarkable efficiency in their operations and ensuring seamless coordination with all ad networks such as Meta, Google, TikTok, etc. We sincerely appreciate their support in fostering our growth.
Evgenii Emukhvari
CEO Wild Digital Agency
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