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How to increase your ad revenue

Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms play a pivotal role in modern marketing strategies, offering businesses unparalleled reach and targeting capabilities to connect with their target audiences.

Through these platforms, brands can amplify their visibility, engage with potential customers, and drive conversions, ultimately fostering business growth and staying competitive in the digital era.

Leave a request
After verification and approval, you will get access to the advertising management cabinet.
Pay the budget and start advertising
There are many payment methods and all popular advertising platforms available for you. Our managers will help at all stages with payment & moderation.
Get cashback
Control your spending and get cashback. Use the proceeds to reinvest in advertising.

Boost your business

View aggregated revenue and ad spend for all your apps across iOS, Android, Stripe, and more.
View achieved KPI and place a flexible focus on the most effective advertising channels without hard transactional over-transfers.
At arm’s length
Get the direct contacts of managers from ad platforms. Easy way to be advised to the fullest extent.
Eagles are experienced and trusted partner on Sigma’s way to spend with the Meta and Google Ad platforms. Thanks to competent project planning, we achieved the most effective results with our partners.
Antony Bash
All my requests for funding marketing expenses across major advertisement networks (FB, Google, TikTok) have been met in a timely and professional manner. For more than a year already Digital Eagle is our reliable partner supporting the growth of the app Retell.
Vladimir Savchak
Founder, Books Inc
We will help you to effectively buy ads on social media,
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